Behind our experiences over  a decade in IT industry, we do provided services both domestic and international customers.
Experiences together with our accountability initiate customer satisfactions and confidences in our quality of service (QoS).
8+ years of providing Internet Service (ISP)
Overseas Internet Solution (South East Asia)
Turnkey Internet Solution: Satellite, Optical Fiber, ADSL, Microwave, WiMax, Wi-Fi, etc.
CDMA Network Solution
Voice over IP (VoIP)
5+ years of providing online game services
Extensive platform installation (Windows, Linux)
Extensive platform monitoring (backup & restore, virus scanning)
Detect – Analyse – Solve platform issues (virus )
5+ years of serving online game customers
Provide consult for computer specification
Provide consult for customer’s system / Windows registry problem
Detecting malicious programs on customer’s system
4+ years of providing Website solutions
Design Websites to meet the needs
Program Websites to respond customer to be easy-to-use
Monitor and Maintenance customers’ Websites
Provide administration service to monitor, error checking, and update contents
Modify Website to  be up-to-date  style

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